Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Notes on a Danish school

No school uniform, work with people there age and always with there computers, and working with wood or plastics, they use there phones at schools, shoe less learning, working in skill and ages, all age school (year 1 -11), start 8:00 fin 2:00 or sometimes 4:00, lunch own food and buy some food also healthy food, 1:30 hours lessons and some lessons all day, no school uniform and home wear, maths they like also English.   The one thing they would change if they made a new school they would put the children all together and places you can sit and chat like recreation rooms but nicer. One hint they would change at there school they would change is more activities like in the morning instead of them dining they jumped around and exercised they body's. They have a bread oven so it smells like fresh bread in the morning

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