Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bett 2k14

This year myself and eleven others are traveling to the ExCel center in London to participate in BETT. 

Royal Manor has a 'Digital leaders' club witch around 15-20 people go to every week, the club is intending on moving to Osprey Campus in the coming weeks so many of the younger ones may join in with our work; While we are at' digital leaders' we do an assortment of things we even have our own Podcast!

When I attend BETT this Wednesday I shall be looking forward to speaking on the European Electronique stand and showing off our amazing Chromebooks. Chromebooks have been a great learning curve for ipaca.

On Monday we are going town to osprey quay campus to have an insight into how technology is used in the primary stages, also when we are down there we will be carrying out tests on light and sound levels in the building. I am hoping they will be about average or better considering the work that has been put into the building.~Amber:D

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