Sunday, 19 January 2014

BETT 2014 (woop woop!)

     So as you may be aware, this is a blog about the BETT 2014 show in the Excel Centre this coming week! I'm quite looking forward to it as it will be a new experience and hopefully we will get to play with some really cool technology! And learn of course.

     On the days running up to the BETT show, we have been asked by Professor Stephen Heppell to gather some research from around our school about light and sound levels, to see if these affect our learning. Also, if there are any issues we need to find out a way to resolve them so that students at IPACA can have a bright(no pun intended(well, this is me so pun intended)) and exciting future.

     I am hoping to see some cool tech like different interactive whiteboards and maybe some laptops with a good camera (I do art and we use the camera to take picture of our work for our sketch book), as sadly the Samsung Chromebooks lack a good built in camera.
Maybe someone would have invented a pen that will automatically write the answers to maths equations, without you having to even think about it! Well, girl can dream, right?

     I will wrap this up quickly and hope you all had a good weekend, and I can't wait to go to BETT!

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